In sixteenth century, a revenue collector of Patti in district of Lahore had five daughters, the fifth daughter was very religious. One day the father asked, “who gives you to eat and drink”. The first four daughters said that it were their parents who had provided them with food and other necessities of life, but the fifth daughter told her parents that God was the only Cherisher of His creation. On hearing this reply her father got very angry and remarked, “I shall see if God will protect you.”

One day a crippled leper came to the town and the father forcefully married his fifth daughter to him to teach her a lesson. She willfully accepted as it was her destiny. She put him in a basket and carried him on her head, and begged from door to door to maintain their livelihood. One day she left him under a tree near a lake and went to the nearby colony to beg for food.

The leper saw some gray pigeons dipping in the water and turning white when came out of the water. The leper thought that the water had some miraculous healing power. So he left his basket and crawled into the water. Leprosy at once disappeared from his body except one finger which he left out of water while bathing. When the lady came back, she asked him the whereabouts of her husband. The man said that he is her husband. She did not believe it. The man then dipped the finger that was left out of the water, which was still affected by leprosy. As soon as he dipped the finger, leprosy disappeared from that finger. His wife couldn’t believe her eyes and ultimately went to Guru Ram Das Ji (the fourth Guru of Sikhs), who confirmed by saying that the lake possesses such extraordinary efficacy which the man illustrated. The couple became Guru’s followers. Guru then began the construction of the Golden Temple on that lake, which was completed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru of Sikhs.


Leper and the Wonder Lake
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