1. Kirt Karna

Honest earning of bread with dignity and labor. To earn one’s livelihood through creative, productive and honest labour.

2. Wand Chhakna

To share the fruits of earnings with the needy. Sharing with and caring for the needy and sick. Help those people who cannot help themselves.

3. Nam Japna

Meditation on the Divine Name with love and devotion. To be in tune with the Infinite through meditation on the Divine qualities so that the believer becomes filled with His Name.

4. Some of the concepts and beliefs of Sikhism:

Concept of One God, monotheism, unity of God
Concept of Creation theory
Concept of doing honest labor with sweat on brow
Concept of Wand Ke Chhakna (Share earnings)
Concept of Daswandh (Giving one-tenth of the earnings and contribution towards charity)
Concept of Nam Simran (Contemplation on the Name of God)
Concept of Amrit (Nectar initiation)
Concept of Bani and Bana (Look of outer and inner values)
Concept of co-operative and corporate living
Concept of selfless Seva (Selfless Service)
Concept of Sarbat Da Bhala (Well-being of all)
Concept of Degh and Tegh
Concept of Miri and Piri (Temporal & Spiritual power)
Concept of Sangat and Pangat
Concept of universal peace and prosperity
Concept of democracy
Concept of liberty, equality and fraternity
Concept of sacrifice
Concept of universal brotherhood, peace and prosperity
Concept of householder’s life
Concept of Maya
Concept of Charhdi Kala (Optimism & high spirit)
Concept of Bhana (Will of God)
Concept of healthy mind in a healthy body
Concept of Guru
Concept of equality of woman
Concept of immortality of soul
Concept of transmigration, etc.
Concept of Karma (Actions and deeds)


Golden Principles and concepts of Sikhism