Sain was a poor man who would serve the king in his palace. “Hearing about the glory of Kabeer, Sain also became a disciple. During night, he would immerse in loving devotion of God and in the morning, he would serve the king. One night, God’s devotees came to Sain’s house and the whole night was spent in singing the Lord’s praises. Sain could not leave the company of the holy and consequently did not perform the king?s service next morning. God himself took the form of Sain and served the king in such a way that the king was overjoyed. Bidding farewell to the devotees, Sain embarrassedly arrived at the palace of the king. The king called Sain from a distance. He took off his own robes and offered it to Sain. ‘You have overpowered me today’, said the king and his words were heard by all. God Himself manifests the dignity of His devotees” (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 10).


God saved Sain Ji’s Job