Shiam Singh

SHIAM SINGH (d. 1705), keeper of Guru Gobind Singh’s treasure as well as his armoury, fought in the battle against Said Khan in 1703. Upon the evacuation of Anandpur, he accompanied the Guru up to Chamkaur where a Mughal force

Sahib Chand

Sahib Chand(d.1700), a Sikh warrior in attendance upon Guru Gobind Singh (1666 – 1708). He took part in the battle of Bhangani. The Guru in his autobiographical composition. Bachitra Natak, makes a special mention of his valour during this battle.

Jati Mal

Jati Mal (d. 1642), also referred to as Jati Malik or Malak JatI, was the son of Bhai Singha who laid down his life for Guru Hargobind in the battle of Amritsar(1629). Brahman by birth, Singha was the family priest